Footage Catches Amber Heard’s Blowout Fight with Johnny Depp Supporter.

It looks like tensions between Amber Heard and her girlfriend Eve Barlow came to a head this week and resulted in a blowout fight where security had to be called.

Hotel security in Tel Aviv says Amber Heard and her girlfriend were staying at our hotel when neighbours began to complain about the noise coming from their room, We ran upstairs and the door was ajar, We heard glass breaking and Amber yelling something along the lines of, ‘you support so and so’!’

‘We go in cause it sounded violent, that’s when the shorter woman with the brown hair ran to the corner and cowered. Amber Heard immediately ran to the bathroom and wrapped her hand up in a bandage, She told us to get out as she’s a paying customer, and that’s when the woman cowering in the corner made a run for the door.’

‘The situation deescalated so we just left, But our security cameras captured what looked like a topless Amber dragging Eve back into her room.’

Eve has always denied Amber’s DV allegations, despite having a candid photo of her taken with a shiner. Eve’s past got exposed this week, which probably led to the blowout argument in Tel Aviv.

Eve Barlow tweeted, “I have an enormous portrait of Kate Moss hanging in my kitchen, She has been my hero since I was about 9-years-old.” And a picture of her flat was dug up as well, The scarce room highlights her idol, Kate Moss.

Kate Moss completely annihilated Amber Heard’s credibility by saying that Johnny did not push her down.

Amber Heard appeared to have it out for Kate Moss from that point on, referring to the legendary supermodel as a “rando” who “came out of the wood work”.

Eve Barlow started tweeting some really cryptic stuff about how “cold” she is, which I think has to do with her relationship to Amber. And then she returns back to Los Angeles, without Amber in tow. Then it look like Eve gave up when she tweeted out some pretty rando stuff, it just seems like she’s over it and had a breakdown in her relationship with Amber.

Amber Heard is alone now in Tel Aviv and all her friends have turned her back on her, Who knows if they will get back together, The security made no mention of Amber’s baby, so let’s just hope it is a rental and was not caught in the cross fire.

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